The Human Resources Culture of Health program invites you to register now for our newest health challenge, HealthTrails. 

The challenge will run from Monday, November 2 through December 13.

The goal of HealthTrails is to reinforce healthy habits with a fun, friendly competition that emphasizes the overall goals of a healthy you and a healthy County. The HealthTrails challenge is a six (6) week challenge that allows you to participate on a team or as an individual. There are several ways to earn mileage and move along the trail, and counting steps is just the beginning. Drinking water, consumption of fruits and veggies, and daily stretch breaks are all factors in moving along the trail and reaching our goals. 

What could be more fun than tracking health improvement on interactive trails from all over the world? Whether it’s Cambrian Way in Wales, Pacific Northwest Trail in Montana/Idaho/Washington, Snowman Trek in Bhutan, or any of the other fascinating international trails, you’ll be inspired to keep moving toward better health. You’ll be rewarded with exciting images and descriptions of each area’s people, places, and history.

You might ask:

· Can I use my Fitbit? What other options do I have besides counting my steps?

· How does the team competition work? Can anyone start a team? 

For answers to these questions and more go online to:

then click the FAQ or Fitbit links at the bottom of the page.

The HealthTrails Challenge will run from Monday, November 2 through December 13.

Mark your calendar and look for future emails about the HealthTrails challenge!

2015 Flu Vaccines Are Here!

Another way the County of Riverside supports your Physical Well-being is through offering free flu shots for all County 

employees. For a list of dates and locations click here for the schedule.

Brought to you by the Human Resources Occupational Health Division