Learn more about the elements of well-being.
Stop by one of our farmers' markets.

Culture of Health focuses on employees'  physicalsocial community career financial well-being.

Culture of Health values the importance of community engagement, career satisfaction, financial fitness, and social connections. The resources offered address one or more of these elements of well-being along with physical health.

Culture of Health Highlights

Farmers' Markets

Through public-private partnerships and collaborations, Culture of Health is able to bring a number of farmers' markets to County office locations. See locations and vendor highlights here.


Stay up-to-date with the latest well-being policies and guidelines implemented at the County of Riverside that are making it a healthier place to work.

Smoking Cessation

Need help stopping smoking? We have resources for you.


Much of Culture of Health's success depend on our ambassadors. They help achieve our mission of creating a healthy and supportive work environment. Learn more here.

Employee Needs Survey

Results from the 2015 and 2017 surveys have helped us define the direction of Culture of Health. See overall County results and results by department here.

... and Health Challenges

A health tracker with a basketball theme where you can play as a team of 5 or as an individual. No actual basketball experience or skills needed! 
A health challenge with a focus on helping you develop daily rituals that reduce stress and increase energy! 
A health challenge where you can travel virtually along scenic trails around the world as you log your healthy habits!

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Create a healthy and supportive work environment where all County employees can: Easily access the resources and services intended to help improve and maintain their health and well-being, Learn from one another, Engage in the community where they live, work and raise their families


Build the physical, community, social, career, and financial health and well-being of employees and their families in an effort to: Enrich lives, Engage and retain talent, Reduce health-related costs and absence, Boost performance

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